Mitigate the Challenges of Rural EMS Healthcare with Mobile Telehealth

How can mobile telemedicine bridge the healthcare gap in rural areas?

Patient-to-physician ratio, cost, distance and high-speed internet access are just a few barriers to receiving quality healthcare in rural areas. EMS and hospital teams need live video and data sharing to save critical time, improve metrics and assure the best possible patient outcomes.

Fast, secure mobile telehealth maximizes the resources and communication between EMS and hospitals as they work to provide care remotely.

Bring reliable healthcare to every patient

The highly configurable GD Solutions, e-Bridge, D-Scribe X and GoBox work to support medical teams in giving preventative, non-emergency and emergency care to patients in rural areas.

These HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one solutions ensure care is less expensive and more reliable for patients and providers. EMS is able to access previous pre-hospital and hospital communication, consult with hospital teams in the field via live video and receive remote medical direction. Data collection and vitals are shared in real-time with ETA tracking so the emergency department can be ready for patients who ultimately need hospital care. As a result, patient handoff is more efficient, reducing time to treatment—especially after long transport—and improving patient outcomes.  


Proven success


  • Expands access to healthcare for patients in rural communities
  • Saves money and time by providing quality patient care that reduces unnecessary transports to the ED
  • Improves continuity of care, in some cases, for patients who would otherwise see an ED doctor and have a follow-up with a different doctor
  • Reduces ED crowding and lowers hospital readmissions by providing preventative services for medically underserved communities
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