How Can a Communication Platform Bridge State and Regional Healthcare Teams?

By providing a platform for emergency care communications that can be used across all hospital and first responder teams, care is standardized across regions. This ensures that first responders and healthcare providers can seamlessly communicate across care teams when needed for MCIs, public health outbreaks, when transferring acute care patients from rural communities, and more.

Our solutions offer advanced reporting and recording capabilities that allow government officials, hospitals, and EMS coordinators to track key metrics and address bottlenecks in communication and care provided to patients.

Regional healthcare teams must work seamlessly together during MCI’s to improve the outcomes of the patients involved. Having access to a fast, secure communication solution with important patient data and live ETA enables life-saving care coordination and management of MCIs. Our solutions are designed to streamline communication and coordination of care between different stakeholders, including hospitals and public safety organizations. This allows emergency responders to collaborate with various emergency personnel in real time for faster decision-making and more effective response efforts during MCIs.

Oakland County Medical Control Authority enhanced their prehospital communication by replacing their radio system with the e-Bridge Communication Platform. With this upgrade to their EMS and hospital communication system, now the entire county has standardized communications across their healthcare teams that provide them a seamless platform to share critical patient data securely between teams.

e-Bridge enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among First Responder and hospital teams through sharing pictures, audio, and live video consultations. It provides audio and visual alerts and notifications with real-time ETA tracking and 12-lead management from any monitor. With a suite of highly configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow, and more.

Value That GD Solutions Provide Regional Healthcare Teams

  • Better quality of care for all patients in a region
  • Quicker care for acute care patients in rural areas 
  • Standardization of communication across all care teams in a region
  • Reduce stress and burnout for your teams 
  • Live video consultations via telehealth for live medical direction and improved decision-making 
  • Accurate reporting and recording of MCI data in their state or region to create improvement plans 
  • Metric tracking to optimize processes and improve ROI 
  • HIPAA-secure sharing of patient data ensures your teams stay compliant 
  • Reliable communication of all patient data between care teams 
  • Cost Savings on communication solutions with everyone working on one platform
  • Better resource allocation and management during MCIs through improved communication among care teams  

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