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GD offers an innovative suite of healthcare communication solutions designed to revolutionize the delivery of medical services, particularly in emergency and critical care scenarios. Our comprehensive suite encompasses mobile telemedicine platforms for secure communication and real-time video consultations, care team coordination tools, and EMS integration to facilitate seamless patient information transfer. Overall, the product suite aims to enhance healthcare delivery, optimize collaboration among medical professionals, and improve patient outcomes across diverse healthcare settings.

GD’s CAREpoint 3 helps you provide Simply Seamless Patient Care. It has all the power and functionality of the trusted CAREpoint 2 Workstation, plus the communication solutions necessary for today’s prehospital care communications.

e-Bridge Communication Platform enables EMS and hospital teams to share pictures, audio, video, and livestream.

D-Scribe X Intelligence Hub empowers medical teams with remote and centralized access to all pre-hospital and hospital communication, data, and reports.

40+ Years of Responsive Innovation

At General Devices (GD), our goal is to help make healthcare teams lifesaving work easier and more efficient while helping you cut costs. Download our ROI Flyer to see all the benefits of our solutions.

Communication solutions that deliver superior value and ROI

Deliver better patient care with time-saving mobile communication solutions.


Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off & faster time-to-treatment


Better preparedness for incoming patients & offer telehealth for treat in place, alternate destination and ET3


Easy retrieval of case information with timestamping, recorded audio and video and central storage


Cost savings on reductions in re-admits, activations, documentations and consolidation


Mitigate risk with securely documented communications between patients and healthcare teams


Secure archiving of communications and workflow streamlining all in real-time

How Communication Solves Challenges Faced by Prehospital Care Teams

This infographic depicts how our e-Bridge Communication Platform and CAREpoint 3 software can help hospitals and fire responders with advance communication technologies.

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