What is the e-Bridge Communication Platform?

e-Bridge is an all-in-one solution that enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among First Responder and hospital teams through:

  • sharing pictures, audio, and live video consultation
  • audio and visual alerts and notifications
  • custom acute care workflows
  •  Real-time GPS ETA tracking
  •  12-lead management from any monitor

With a suite of highly configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow, and more.

e-Bridge Uses

Regional healthcare teams must work seamlessly together during MCI’s to improve the outcomes of the patients involved. Having access to a fast, secure communication solution with important patient data and live ETA enables life-saving care coordination and management of MCIs. Our solutions are designed to streamline communication and coordination of care between different stakeholders, including hospitals and public safety organizations. This allows emergency responders to collaborate in real-time with a variety of emergency personnel for faster decision-making and more effective response efforts during MCIs.

Having one reliable hospital communication platform for all your teams to use can enhance coordination of care, reduce miscommunications and burnout, and improve patient outcomes. There is no longer a need for unreliable overhead paging systems with alerts and notifications sent directly to each and every team member added, and teams can seamlessly collaborate via live video consultations and group messaging to improve decision-making support.

Seamless transfers through easy communication and documents is a process outlined by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) that can be made easier with e-Bridge. Transferring hospitals must provide all medical treatment within its capacity, then select the most appropriate means of transportation, share all medical records and patient data, and more. Having an all-in-one solution to seamlessly share, track, and document this information is integral to ensuring compliance and improving patient care.

Streamline communication and save critical time for your STEMI, Stroke, Trauma, and Sepsis patients who require fast communication to decrease treatment times and improve patient outcomes. The all-in-one solution, e-Bridge, allows teams to access all patient data in one place, share that data, including 12-Leads between teams, collaborate with others, and facilitate comprehensive, configurable workflows to ensure each patient gets the right care at the right time.

Seamless resources and enhanced communication for first responders means that they can share important patient details, photos, 12-leads, live GPS ETA, and videos quickly and clearly before arriving at the hospital. This allows the hospital to prepare before the patient gets there, improving outcomes and reducing time-to-treatment.

e-Bridge has a stand-out feature, Interpreter, which connects patients to live language interpreters in seconds for simply seamless patient care. Supporting over 240 languages, including ASL, teams can ensure that they are offering the same level of care to Limited English Proficient patients.

Hear from e-Bridge Users

Case Study: Team Communication Leads to Decreased Treatment Times

“Our personal trauma criteria is built into the alert so the dispatcher can… select why it is a certain level based on our criteria. That helps us know what they are thinking, what they are seeing. And we can search back and look at all of those that are the same based on those criteria [during Q/A review]. The configurability was key to collecting that data”

Director of Trauma Services

Case Study: Reducing 40% of STEMI False Lab Activations

We are able to reduce false cath lab activations by 40% using GD e-Bridge as part of our process”

– Emergency Management Coordinator, Ken Smith

Case Study: EMS and ED Shorten Time of Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

“GD e-Bridge platform has effectively closed the gap between response time and triage-specific treatment”

Naperville Bureau Chief, Jim Kubinski

But Why EMS Podcast

In EMS we always talk about like we have old reporting software. Once you get used to your reporting software you can write a report in like 5 minutes. Then you go to something new, and you’re like God this is going to take forever, blah blah blah, and that how I always thought about this, like it’s going to take forever, it’s going to take me five minutes to fill out this thing. It takes 20-30 seconds. Once you know where everything is like once you’ve familiarized yourself with where the drop downs are and everything you can click it and when I say 20-30 seconds, I am not kidding it’s that simple.“

– Gina Pellerito, NRP 

Florida NAEMSP Webinar

“What i would like to highlight here too is it’s not just medical contact to balloon time that decreased it’s the door to balloon time internally within our health system we were able to save/shave off um you know 14 minutes um for our average STEMI patient which is just pretty impressive”

– EMS Manager at Baystate Medical Center, Erin Markt

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