Acute Care: Streamline Communication and Save Critical Time

Acute care cases, such as STEMI, Stroke, Trauma, and Sepsis require fast communication for decreased treatment times and more efficient care. To reduce the risk of staff burnout and shuffle less information between solutions and technology, acute care teams need to be able to access all data in one place. Having access to a case management platform can help to reduce burnout, improve care coordination, facilitate clearer communication and improve time to treatment for acute care patients. 

Acute Care Challenges

  • Difficulty conveying patient information and symptoms with audio only 
  • Increased wall times and slow patient handoffs when hospital teams aren’t alerted about the needs of time-sensitive acute care patients en route 
  • Adhering to regional guidelines for acute care processes and metric tracking  
  • Staff burnout with a lack of clear communication between teams 
  • Staffing Shortages and case overload  
  • Disorganization in the ED  

What to Expect with GD’s Solutions

  • Faster patient hand-offs 
  • Improved treatment times 
  • Improved metrics and documentation 
  • Fewer false lab activations 
  • Cost savings 

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge 
    • HIPAA-secure sharing of live video, pictures, audio, and more 
    • Pre-arrival patient case activation to decrease time to treatment 
    • Faster, easier communication of case details to the entire team  
    • Rapidly access acute care assessments 
    • Configure forms and alerts to ensure the right team members are being alerted at the right time, and lab activations are quick and easy to activate and turn off 
  • CAREpoint 
    • Consolidated communications including phone, fax, email, and radio  
    • Voice Acknowledge plays a prerecorded message to the incoming call 
    • Remote Monitor: Software that allows administrators to hear all of the calls from another location live as they are happening. 
    • CAREpoint GO Easily manage incoming emergent patients with an optional mobile position, allowing you to take CAREpoint 3 anywhere. 
    • Configurable Forms allows hospitals teams to easily configure forms for incoming patients and specialty care cases  
  • D-Scribe X 
    • Automatic reporting and recording of case data to pinpoint bottlenecks and improve and track metrics.

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