Patient Transfers: Seamless Transfers Through Easy Communication and Documentation

Hospital teams must abide by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), a process that is made easier with seamless communication and documentation. Transferring hospitals must provide all medical treatment within its capacity, then select the most appropriate means of transportation, send copies of all medical records, and ensure qualified personnel accompanies patients during transfer. The receiving facility must accept the transfers and have space and qualified personnel available to treat the patients. 

Patient Transfers Challenges

  • Delegating tasks to transfer team members 
  • Many forms are required to transfer patients 
  • Processing documentation from different sources and in different forms 
  • Telephone tag during communications between hospitals for patient transfer 
  • Documenting and recording communication from different sources, and transfer requests for risk mitigation, proof of EMTALA guidelines, legal and more 

What to Expect with GD’s Solutions 

  • Improved coordination of care 
  • Easier patient hand-off 
  • Automatic recording and reporting 
  • Configurability of forms, workflows, alerts, and notifications 
  • Quick, easy communication of case goals to the entire team 

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge  
    • Easier communication between teams through alerts and messaging 
    • All forms are located in one place 
    • HIPAA-secure sharing of patient information 
    • Real-time ETA tracking 
    • Case workflow management with event timestamping
  • CAREpoint 
    • Seamless communications for all phone, radio, 12L, and data needs 
    • Remote Access to live incoming calls through Remote Monitor 
    • On-the-go mobility to EMS-ED Communications with CAREpoint GO 
    • Streamline sharing of face sheets and outcomes data from the hospital to EMS in order to track and improve metrics 
  • D-Scribe X 
    • Automatic recording and reporting of data 

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