ET3: Ensuring the Right Care at the Right Place and the Right Time

The e-Bridge Communication Platform supports the emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) model, a voluntary 5-year payment model providing greater flexibility to ambulatory care teams. Ensure patients get the right care at the right place and at the right time with e-Bridge’s telehealth capabilities.

Ambulatory Care Team Challenges

  • Inability to connect to live medical direction quickly and efficiently 
  • Lack of secure channels for conveying case data to medical direction 
  • Overutilization of ambulances and ED care 
  • Increased wall times, leading to ambulances not being available for emergency cases 
  • Lack of reliable telemedicine and telehealth solutions in rural areas 
  • Difficulty with connection in rural areas 
  • Calls to the ED going unanswered 

What to Expect with GD’s Solutions

  • Reduced wall times at the ED 
  • Accurate care for patients 
  • Improved patient satisfaction rates with improved treatment times 
  • Expanded access to healthcare for patients in rural and urban areas 
  • Save time and money by reducing unnecessary transport to the ED 
  • Reduce ED crowding and lower hospital readmissions 

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge 
    • Secure alerts and notifications to receiving facilities, which reduces missed alerts and speeds up the transfer process 
    • Connection to live medical direction at the touch of a button 
    • HIPAA-secure sharing of patient information, vitals, assessments, and more 
    • Improved patient care 
  • D-Scribe X 
    • Refusal documentation and mitigations 
    • Metric tracking 

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