Make ET3 a Reality with Mobile Telehealth

How many of your patients can be treated outside of a hospital setting?

The Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3) Model is a payment model providing greater flexibility for EMS when patients call 911 but don’t necessarily need to be transported to the emergency department. ET3 with telehealth changes, allowing EMS to consult through live video. This capability saves critical time, improves metrics and assures the most cost-effective care.

Fast, secure mobile telehealth maximizes the resources and communication between EMS and providers as they work to get patients where they need to go or stay right at home. 

See improved quality of care at lower costs for EMS, patients, hospitals and alternative care facilities

EMS and providers use the all-in-one e-Bridge and D-Scribe X to support the ET3 Model. HIPAA-secure live video medical direction, and data capture and sharing enable provider consults so that EMS doesn’t have to transport all patients to the emergency department.

Configurable workflows and case management with event tracking and time-stamping support EMS in administering treatment in the field or facilitating efficient transfers to alternate destinations like urgent care and primary care doctors. These efforts reduce unnecessary hospitalizations at unnecessary costs, and give both EMS and providers more time to help more patients. 

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Proven success

According to the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, 16 percent of emergency ambulance transports to a hospital ED could have been resolved by transporting the patient to an alternative treatment site. This equates to a $560 million annual savings.


  • Faster and better quality of patient care through remote medical direction and more efficient transfer facilitation 
  • Cost reductions for patients, EDs and alternate care facilities through better preparation
  • More efficient use of EMS and provider time, allowing them to see more patients 
  • Reduces overcrowding in the ED
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