Rural Healthcare: Providing the Care Patients Need, Wherever They Are

In rural America, it can be challenging for patients to receive the healthcare they need, exactly when they need it. It can take hours for ambulances to first reach patients and then to get back to the hospital. With a Simply Seamless communications solution, EMS is able to communicate via live medical direction, messaging and data sharing back to the hospital so patients get the right care at the right place and at the right time.  

Rural Healthcare Challenges

  • Long treatment times for patients due to the distance of nearby hospitals  
  • Lack of communication between EMS and hospital teams   
  • EMS are not able to be reimbursed for the treatment they provide due to a lack of documentation  
  • Patient care becomes costly when ED teams are not sure how to prepare for incoming patients  
  • Unnecessary ED transports are costly and time-consuming  
  • Less staff at rural hospitals can lead to burnout   

What to Expect with GD’s  Solutions 

  • Better pre-hospital care for patients  
  • Reduced costs on patient preparation during pre-hospital care  
  • More efficient team communication from anywhere in the hospital  
  • Secure Case Management and Documentation for reimbursement and quality assurance 

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge 
    • Easier communication between teams through alerts and messaging 
    • All forms are located in one place 
    • HIPAA-secure sharing of patient information 
    • Real-time ETA tracking 
    • Case workflow management with event timestamping   
  • CAREpoint 
    • Seamless communications for all phone, radio, 12L, and data needs, allowing hospitals to prepare for incoming patients with real-time ETA tracking and case data 
    • Seamless mobility to handle calls anywhere in the ED 
    • Data collection and vitals are shared in real-time with ETA tracking so the emergency department can be ready for patients who need hospital care 
  • D-Scribe X 
    • EMS can document patient care via e-Bridge and it is securely stored in D-Scribe X for retrieval in order to provide treatment for reimbursement   

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