Communicate Better, Treat Patients Faster with Mobile Telehealth

How can you improve outcomes with faster patient handoff times, improved communication and more?

From emergency department physicians to acute care teams, healthcare facilities ultimately determine outcomes for patients brought in by EMS ambulances.

Clear and thorough communication between hospital teams and EMS is critical to receiving detailed patient information in a timely manner to put the proper personnel in place for arrival. Both of these entities function better when they have resources to work together to improve quality of care, and reduce treatment times and risk.

Streamline patient care with mobile telemedicine

Each of these solutions combines all communications into a single system, benefiting patients and those who serve them. Easy-to-learn and HIPAA-secure, the CAREpoint Workstation and e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine App enhance communications between EMS, the ED and other hospital teams, saving time, money and lives.

Patient transfers and handoffs become more efficient with rapid pre-hospital notifications and instant data sharing through messaging, live video and remote access to EMS radios and other media. With time-stamped case data and documentation, liability is reduced, bottlenecks are easily pinpointed, and Q/A and training are streamlined. 

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Healthcare facilities across the U.S. access the right treatment for their patients faster by using mobile telemedicine. As a result, they save on reduced readmissions and false lab activations. 

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This technology affords us the opportunity to give health care providers within emergency departments an even greater appreciation than we ever have before as to what we’re bringing them.
- Jim Etzin (Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills)

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