Prehospital Communication: Seamless Resources for First Responders

When first responders have the resources to communicate important information to hospitals quickly and clearly before the patient arrives, patient care is improved, door-to-treatment times are reduced, and valuable time and money is saved.

First Responder Challenges

  • Ambulance wall time 
  • Difficulty conveying case data with audio-only solutions 
  • Mitigating risk with lack of secure, documented information through reporting and recording 
  • Lack of telehealth support and medical direction for in-field first responders

What to Expect with GD’s Solutions

  • Easier, faster team communication 
  • More efficient patient hand-off 
  • Reduced wall time 
  • Faster time to treatment 
  • Improved quality assurance and risk reduction through D-Scribe X 
  • Face Sheets and outcome data 

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge 
    • Allows for treatment in place and ET3, reducing wall times and ED overcrowding, and providing faster care to non-urgent patients 
    • Easy activations and notifications between team members
  • CAREpoint 
    • Seamless communication for all phone, radio, 12L, and data needs 
    • Remote Access to live incoming calls through Remote Monitor 
    • On-the-go mobility for all EMS-ED Communications with CAREpoint GO 
    • Streamline sharing of face sheets and outcomes data from the hospital to EMS in order to track and improve metrics 
  • D-Scribe X 
    • Automatic reporting and recording of case data to pinpoint bottlenecks and improve and track metrics 

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