Use mobile telehealth to pivot pre-hospital patient care and alleviate costs

Increasing productivity, treating patients faster, treat-in-place, alternate destinations while reducing risks and costs are high priorities for pre-hospital care. EMS and hospitals need fast, secure team communications with end-to-end case management via telehealth and highly configurable workflows to accomplish their goals.

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Choose a solution that enables Seamless Communication

The industry-leading mobile telemedicine app, e-Bridge enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among EMS and hospital teams through sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming. It provides alerts and notifications with real-time ETA tracking and allows 12-lead management from any monitor. With a suite of highly-configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow and more—because no two teams work exactly the same way.


Proven success


  • Better preparedness for incoming patients 
  • Telehealth for treat in place and alternate destination and ET3 
  • Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off
  • Faster time-to-treatment
  • Easier, faster communication of case goals to entire team in real time 
  • Improved quality and assurance with case data documentation
  • Easier retrieval of case information with timestamping, recorded audio and video and central storage. 
  • Cost savings

Receive and share notification alerts with
e-Bridge Alert

e-Bridge Alert provides quick, pre-arrival alerts from EMS to hospital teams, including EMS ETA tracking.


Truly communicate with
e-Bridge Connect

e-Bridge Connect enables text, voice, video and data between EMS and hospital teams. The ability to send and receive photos, 12-leads data, video clips or video conference while EMS is en route ensures that the hospital is better prepared for patient arrival.


Improve your process with
e-Bridge WorkFLOW

e-Bridge WorkFLOW is an acute care workflow case management platform. It enables consistency and process improvement through enhanced information and data communications between EMS and hospital teams. The first workflow management solution of its kind, it includes live two-way video conferencing telemedicine.


Manage patients at a distance with
e-Bridge Visit

e-Bridge Visit is a direct-to-patient telehealth solution for EMS, hospitals and physicians to manage patients safely during COVID-19. Its pre-screening feature can provide information virtually, limiting the need for physical patient contact and potential exposure to COVID-19.


Communicate in every language with
e-Bridge Interpreter

e-Bridge Interpreter connects patients to medical interpreters through live video, lessening the language barrier between patients and their healthcare teams. It supports an array of spoken languages and serves deaf, hard-of-hearing and spoken language needs, including ASL.


Automatically record, report and access data with D-Scribe X

D-Scribe X is an information and intelligence hub. It empowers medical teams with full logging with remote and centralized web access to all pre-hospital and hospital videos, images and voice communication, data and reports for QI, benchmarking, certifications and training.

In addition to its ability to fit the needs and processes of every health care team, existing e-Bridge use cases include:

  • Stroke module
  • Trauma module
  • STEMI module
  • Sepsis module
  • Overdose module
  • Mental health module
  • Burns module 
  • Seizures
  • Handoff
  • Mass casualty
  • SOS
  • Patient transfers
  • Post-op wound care
  • Interpreter
  • Medical direction
  • Acute care case management
  • AMA refusals
  • Alerts & notification
  • EMS answering
  • 12-Lead management
  • EMS tracking with live ETA
  • Forms from the field
  • Live video streaming
  • Vitals & ECG capture
  • Symptoms (directory)
  • Pharmacist connect
  • Dosage calculator
  • MIH-CP team communication

KEY:       X = Included      O = Optional      P = Partial

GD e-Bridge comparison chart (telemedicine, mobile telehealth, application)
Feature Alert Connect WorkFLOW
Alerts & Notifications X X X
Pictures   X X X
Voice & Text Messaging X X X
12-Lead & Vitals X X X
Tracking & Live ETA X X
Video Clips & Live Conferencing X X
Custom Forms X X
Team Chat X
Acute Care Workflows X
Metrics & Case Clock X
Fully Configurable P X X
Video Language Interpreter O O O
D-Scribe Logging & Reporting O O
Visit – Direct to Patient O O
HIPAA Secure X X X

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    There are unique aspects e-Bridge does that other applications don't.
    - Nathan Stananway (Baystate Health)

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