Healthcare Team Communication: Reliable Communication, Improved Patient Outcomes

Reliable hospital team communications can improve the coordination of care and patient outcomes. When physician burnout is high, dependable consolidated mobile communications can help alleviate it.  

Team Communication Challenges

  • Unreliable overhead paging systems can cause chaos and missed pages 
  • Missed or miscommunicated case workflows and team tasks can lead to patient dissatisfaction and team burnout 
  • Shuffling cases and patients with different care needs and documentation can result in disorganization, stress, declining care metrics, and an increase in bottlenecks without well-coordinated care 
  • Managing EKGs from multiple sources makes extra work for care teams and can cause confusion 
  • False activations 
  • Inability to meet metrics for lack of documentation on case data, specialty care cases, etc. 
  • Difficulty managing specialty care processes

What to Expect with GD’s Solutions 

  • Better preparedness for incoming patients through improved EMS and hospital communication 
  • Faster time-to-treatment 
  • Improved quality assurance with data and voice logging, recording, and reporting 
  • Cost savings on activations, documentation, and consolidation 
  • Real-time communication of case to the entire team 
  • Enhanced cross team communication 
  • Resolve disputes and prove patient treatment refusals

Solutions Available

  • e-Bridge 
    • Configurable forms, workflows, alerts, and notifications 
    • Quick, easy communication of case goals to the entire team 
    • Improved coordination of care 
    • Easily alert and notify team members 
    • HIPAA-secure sharing of patient information 
  • CAREpoint 
    • Play a prerecorded message to incoming calls through Voice Acknowledge  
    • Remote Access to live incoming calls through Remote Monitor 
    • On-the-go mobility to EMS-ED Communications with CAREpoint GO 
  • D-Scribe X 
    • Automatic recording and reporting of data 
    • Pinpoints bottlenecks 
    • Reduces risk 

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