All Patient, EMS, and Hospital Voice and Data in One Place

Can you easily access EMS - Hospital recordings and metrics?

From faster time-to-treatment metrics to quality assurance review, pre-hospital and hospital communications and data must be quickly available with full reporting for coordinators, managers and quality teams.

Access your communications and data through D-Scribe and D-Scribe X

D-Scribe and D-Scribe X empower medical teams with remote and centralized access to all pre-hospital and hospital communication, data and reports. HIPAA-secure and fully configurable, D-Scribe is an extension to CAREpoint Workstation and D-Scribe X is an extension to e-Bridge.


D-Scribe automatically records and organizes all data for CAREpoint Workstation, including radio and phone calls to the ED, 12-lead data, forms, chart data, faxes and emails. Healthcare teams can easily and instantly export calls for risk management, training and legal purposes. The ability to build custom reports on any metric aids in improving workflows and expanding to new initiatives.

D-Scribe X

D-Scribe X enables automatic recording and reporting of data for e-Bridge. It empowers medical teams with a secure  to all pre-hospital and hospital videos, images and voice communication, data and reports. Case management and team and process workflows are more efficient with easier access to information for QI/QA, benchmarking, certifications, training and legal purposes.


Proven success


  • Better preparedness for incoming patients 
  • Easy retrieval of case information 
  • Faster time-to-treatment
  • Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off
  • Reduction in false lab activations
  • Improved quality assurance with case data documentation, including transports and transfer
  • Risk mitigation with proper documentation and secure storage
  • Cost savings
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Now another health care provider accessing that record a day, a week or a month later can gain that same appreciation for what firefighter paramedics and ER physicians saw that day or night. That’s pretty cool.
- Jim Etzin (Beaumont Hospital)

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