The next generation of EMS & pre-hospital communication.

CAREpoint consolidates EMS communication, including forms data, 12-leads, and calls for more seamless EMS to ED communications. With the latest generation release, CAREpoint 3 has all the power and functionality of its predecessor the CAREpoint 2.0 Workstation, but with a range of advanced features to enable healthcare teams to save lives and reduce costs with seamless patient care from the field to the hospital. By incorporating the latest architecture, interoperability, and functionality in a Solution as a Service model, CAREpoint 3 makes coordination of care between EMS/fire and hospitals simply seamless.

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CAREpoint 3 Features:
  • Seamless Communications for all your phone, radio, 12L, and data needs
  • Seamless Documentation with powerful D-Scribe X recording and reporting
  • Seamless Mobility allows you to handle calls anywhere in the ED
  • Seamless Telehealth with e-Bridge telehealth that extends your care continuum
  • Seamless Integration and implementation that uses your computer plus network security that’s IT-friendly.
  • Seamless Purchasing with SaaS subscriptions that are easy on your budget

GD’s CAREpoint 3 helps you provide Simply Seamless Patient Care. It has all the power and functionality of the trusted CAREpoint 2 Workstation, plus the communication solutions necessary for today’s prehospital care communications.

CAREpoint 3 makes seamless patient care simpler and more powerful than ever before

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, a 377-bed not-for-profit facility in Mission Hills, CA, is already seeing a positive impact from implementing two of GD’s CAREpoint Workstations in January 2022. Everything about CAREpoint was easier than their previous system: EMS-ED communications, reporting, extracting concrete data, getting data to specialty groups, communicating with customer support, and customization.

Are you ready to experience the power of 3?

CAREpoint consolidates EMS communication, including forms data, 12-leads, and calls for more seamless EMS to ED communications. Request a demo of CAREpoint 3 today!

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Proven success

Users have seen:

  • Increases in team productivity
  • Savings on reductions in re-admits, activations, documentations, and consolidation
  • Reductions door-to-treatment times, downtimes, and liabilities
  • Improvements in call handling, QI/QA, preparation, training, and workflow


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I love how consistent the GD CAREpoint has been. No matter what new technology we get, when the phone is ringing I always know how to answer it.
- Teresa Ehrhardt (Advocate Condell)

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