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How effective are your EMS - Hospital Communications?

Emergency departments must be ready for anything, and managing pre-hospital patient care isn’t easy. With massive amounts of information and all types of communication to juggle—phone and radio calls, handwritten notes and forms, emails and faxes, video, data, physical patient handoff from EMS—EDs need less equipment and more efficient solutions. 

Overcome challenges with the all-in-one GD CAREpoint Workstation

The CAREpoint Workstation keeps EMS communications in one place. It is designed to save time, money, and lives as it allows for forms data, unifies 12-lead management; and forwards, records and time-stamps EMS radio and phone inbound calls.

Shorten door-to-treatment times by pre-hospital preparation with patient status and online medical control.

Reduce patient handoff time and the challenges that can accompany patient handoff without clear communication, and having to prepare the proper team at the last minute.

Improve cross-team communication in part through configurable communications, remote ED answering, medical team notification, and access to ED call replay and reporting from outside the ED.

Easily pinpoint bottlenecks and trends in processes and benchmarking, QI/QA, and reports.

Minimize risk and reduce costs through workflow streamlining, secure archiving of all communications and having remote answering of EMS radios and calls.

The result? Dramatically improved patient care.

Available Features

Instant Recall

CAREpoint Instant Recall lets you replay the most recent calls with the touch of a button. You can even securely forward the call audio with GD e-Bridge to others. Easy review and sharing of recent calls… that’s CAREpoint Instant Recall.


GD FormsPRO converts your handwriting into digital secure information that is reportable throughout your health network.

Remote Control

GD CAREpoint-RC is a Remote Control App that runs your iPad or iPhone to allow radio and voice call handling when and where you need it.

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Proven success

Users have reported:

  • Increases in productivity (average of 28%)
  • Savings on reductions in re-admits, activations, documentations, and consolidation
  • Reductions door-to-treatment times, downtimes, and liabilities
  • Improvements in call handling, QI/QA, preparation, training, and workflow 


Patients per day


# of GD CAREpoint Workstations installed in hospitals across the U.S
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I love how consistent the GD CAREpoint has been. No matter what new technology we get, when the phone is ringing I always know how to answer it.
- Teresa Ehrhardt (Advocate Condell)

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