Connect Teams Consistently with Configurable Mobile Telehealth

How can your EMS and hospital emergency teams work together to reduce wall time?

Secure telehealth pre-arrival notifications for all in-bound patients improves patient hand-off and reduces expensive “wall” waiting time and standardizes communications workflow for EMS and hospitals.   

Institute and sustain an effective team-based patient approach to emergency care

Preserving life, preventing further injury and promoting recovery are three principles of emergency medicine. Essential to these goals is ensuring teams are connected to improve wall and patient hand-off times, which reduces risk and time to treatment. 

The General Medical Module for GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine was designed by EMS and hospitals to provide easy team communications and secure data sharing for all acute and non-acute scenarios. The General Medical Module allows hospitals, EMS teams and MIH-CP paramedics to communicate 100 percent of the time. 

The all-in-one, HIPAA-secure system automatically notifies the ED of patient arrival through live GPS ETA tracking, giving the ED time to prepare. It allows EMS and hospital teams to share data, pictures, audio, forms and to communicate via live video with interpreters if necessary. To guarantee the most effective, collaborative approach to patient care, the General Medical Module also keeps track of time-stamped case data and documentation for reporting, EMS feedback, benchmarking, continued education, training and quality review for process improvements.

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Proven success


  • Better prepares ED and specialty departments for incoming patients
  • Improves and speeds up communication of patient information
  • Reduces EMS wall time
  • Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off
  • Creates user buy-in for the telehealth technology that helps with acute care modules 
  • Cost savings
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