Protect Those Who Provide Lifesaving Care with Mobile Telehealth

How can you maximize resources while ensuring the safety of EMS and hospital staff?

To limit exposure to COVID-19 and safeguard EMS and hospital staff, telehealth solutions should be utilized as much as possible.

Fast, secure mobile telehealth and team communications with data exchange make seeing patients safe and easy, saving lives and scarce PPE for when providers need it most.

Implement a direct-to-patient telemedicine approach to care for non-acute patients

An extension of the industry-leading e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app,  e-Bridge Visit is a direct-to-patient telehealth solution enabling EMS, hospitals and physicians to manage patients safely during COVID-19. 

Easy-to-use and highly-configurable, it protects frontline workers by alleviating person-to-person contact for non-acute care, preserving PPE and allowing providers to make patients safer.

The e-Bridge pre-screening feature can provide information virtually, limiting the need for physical patient contact, and potential exposure to COVID-19. 

HIPPA secure data management contributes to COVID-19 trend reports and quality review.

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  • Limit COVID-19 exposure for providers and patients
  • Preserve PPE
  • Avoid overcrowding in Emergency Departments
  • Manage patients at home when appropriate
  • Communicate and coordinate with care teams in real-time

 “It is an excellent communication tool between pre-hospital personnel and the emergency department. It allows emergency departments to prepare for critical patients arriving, which can be life-saving. ”

– Stephanie O, Fish, RN 

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