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Farmington Hills Fire Department
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Improved Prehospital Communication between Michigan EMS and hospitals with Telehealth Solution

In 2019, the Farmington Hills Fire Department responded to 5,785 medical emergencies. With many of these patients requiring advanced life support, clear and efficient prehospital communication is a necessity. T...

GD e-Bridge Customer Testimonial
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Quality Care Coordination in Rural America with GD e-Bridge

EMS Director, Fire Chief & Emergency Management Coordinator on their experiences with GD e-Bridge GD e-Bridge is a telehealth solution that connects large healthcare teams, both rural and urban. This easy...

Baystate 7th Annual WNEAC
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Baystate 7th Annual WNEAC Conference attended by General Devices

GD executives will answer questions and deliver information on the e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app during the Oct. 14 Baystate Medical Center event. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RIDGEFIELD, NJ – Sept. 14, 2020 ­– Hea...

Telehealth Improvements
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Mobile Telemedicine Application Gains Innovative Upgrades and Features

Multiparty live video conferencing, configurable home button displays, and an SOS button enhance the life-saving mobile telehealth app, GD e-Bridge, for hospitals, EMS and Community Paramedicine teams. FOR IMME...

Prehospital Communication Massachusetts
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Prehospital Communications Improved by Mercy Medical Center with GD e-Bridge WorkFLOW

The western Massachusetts center is enhancing areawide EMS communications and provider response. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Ridgefield, NJ – October 1, 2020 ­– GD (General Devices), a Med Tech company specializing ...

Stroke Treatment Times
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Reducing Stroke Treatment Times: Making Every Second Count

Reducing Stroke Treatment Times: Making Every Second Count 5 ways your team can decrease your stroke treatment times According to the CDC, every 40 seconds, someone in the United States suffers from a stroke. ...

Hartford Healthcare EMS Sympsoim
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Hartford Healthcare EMS Symposium Sponsored by General Devices

Representatives will answer questions and share information on how GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app helps EMS & Hospitals save more lives. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  RIDGEFIELD, NJ – Sept. 23, 2020 ­– EMS p...

Community Paramedicine Team
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Community Paramedicine: What is it and How to Get Involved

What is Community Paramedicine? Over the past decade, the growing number of Community Paramedicine (CP) programs have leveraged EMS workers to fill gaps in the United States healthcare system. The overall goal...

mih and cp
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Telehealth Benefits for Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine

Telehealth Benefits for Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine Communication and collaboration are key elements of successful Community Paramedicine and broader Mobile Integrated Healthcare pr...

FirstNet Webinar
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FirstNet Webinar Features GD (General Devices) CEO as Speaker

FirstNet Webinar Features GD (General Devices) CEO as Speaker Attendees of the Aug. 13 webinar can learn more about GD e-Bridge technology for life-saving remote patient consults FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   RIDGEFI...