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Farmington Hills Fire Department
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Improved Prehospital Communication between Michigan EMS and hospitals with Telehealth Solution

In 2019, the Farmington Hills Fire Department responded to 5,785 medical emergencies. With many of these patients requiring advanced life support, clear and efficient prehospital communication is a necessity. T...

GD e-Bridge Customer Testimonial
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Quality Care Coordination in Rural America with GD e-Bridge

EMS Director, Fire Chief & Emergency Management Coordinator on their experiences with GD e-Bridge GD e-Bridge is a telehealth solution that connects large healthcare teams, both rural and urban. This easy...

Community Paramedicine Team
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Community Paramedicine: What is it and How to Get Involved

What is Community Paramedicine? Over the past decade, the growing number of Community Paramedicine (CP) programs have leveraged EMS workers to fill gaps in the United States healthcare system. The overall goal...

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Telehealth Benefits for Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine

Communication and collaboration are key elements of successful Community Paramedicine and broader Mobile Integrated Healthcare programs—and to the larger healthcare system. It is critical that community paramed...

GD GoBox
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Mississippi Mobile Tele-Assist System Receives GD GoBox Deployable Units for Improved Regional EMS Communications

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RIDGEFIELD, NJ – July 7, 2020 ­– GD (General Devices), a Med Tech specialist in mobile telemedicine and telehealth, announced the Mississippi Mobile Tele-Assist System (MTAS) received new ...

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Telehealth and Disaster-Response

Our current reality is one of necessary preparedness. The world is quite an unpredictable place. Large-scale disasters are very real, very possible and very daunting to address- but we are nevertheless faced wi...

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Paramedic Benefits from Telehealth

Paramedic Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions Paramedics are one of the first line of defense when a 911 call is placed and the person sent out on community paramedic vehicles. Before the patient reaches the ...

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Telehealth in Rural America: Bringing Care to the Patient

The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) defines telehealth as the “use of electronic communication and information technology to support long-distance clinical healthcare, patient and professi...

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Telehealth in Schools- Strengthening the Bridge

The past few years have seen the rise of telehealth services in many different areas, and now it seems that telehealth is making improvements in yet another category- schools. Are we replacing the school nurse ...

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Millennials and Telehealth: Perfectly Programmed

The Millennial Generation is the fastest-growing segment of the work force. According to Peter Economy of, “By 2020, Millennials are forecast to comprise half of the American workforce, and by 2025...