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EMS Communications for Emergency Teams during COVID-19

EMS Communications for Emergency Teams during COVID-19 This year’s COVID-19 Pandemic lead to EMS facing the most difficult work environment of their careers, requiring enhanced communications between teams. On...

EMS Caller ID
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EMS Caller ID system created by Hospital with Configurable Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth innovation doesn’t always have to mean major changes in healthcare. During a time that puts extra strain on our healthcare systems and providers, the little things can make a difference. Now more tha...

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GD Partners with MD1 Program for COVID-19 Response

  GD Partners with MD1 Program for COVID-19 Response MD1 Physicians and EMS Connect to Manage COVID-19 Patient Care  with GD e-Bridge Telehealth Solution   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   RIDGEFIELD, NJ — April 16, 202...

FirstNet Listed GD e-Bridge
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Massachusetts leveraging FirstNet app GD e-Bridge to screen for COVID-19 and send alerts

FirstNet Announces Smartphones for Life for Public Safety FirstNet applications like the e-Bridge app are being used to help first responders and medical professionals respond to the coronavirus pandemic by pro...

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GD e-Bridge Interpreter Selected as EMS Innovation Award Finalist

Ridgefield, NJ (July 2019) – GD (General Devices) is excited to announce that the GD e-Bridge Interpreter module is a finalist for the EMS World Innovation Award. Coined as GD e-Bridge Interpreter, it ena...

TS - Efficient EMS Communication
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Telemedicine Story: Efficient EMS communication

The Naperville Fire Department has a lot on their plates. With almost 148,000 residents to protect, this fire department needs not one, not two…but ten station houses to be adequately prepared for whatever emer...

mobile telemedicine acute care
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How To Choose A Mobile Telemedicine and Notification Solution

Healthcare is evolving, and technologies are “disruptive” drivers, ironically technology is often the easy part. What is difficult is the people component of implementing technology and process chan...

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Live FirstNet Webinar Event with GD e-Bridge

Date: July 15, 2019 Contact: Andrew Birnbaum Company: GD                                                                              Email: marketing@general-devices.com Website: www.general-devices.com Phone...

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When Was the Last Time You Thanked an EMS?

When we work hard or give up our time to help others and sacrifice our needs, we want to be appreciated. It’s human nature. We don’t need a pat on the back every time, but it’s encouraging to receive recognitio...

FirstNet EMS
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GD e-Bridge™ Earns FirstNet Listed Designation

First Responders on FirstNet Can Now Access GD e-Bridge via the FirstNet App Catalog Ridgefield, New Jersey, May 1, 2019 – General Devices (GD) has announced that, after following a rigorous review process, GD...