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Understanding MIH/CP

According to NAEMT, Mobile Integrated Healthcare–Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) is the provision of healthcare using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment. Community paramedicine puts paramedics/EMTs out into the public to help mitigate reliance on hospital visits. EMS providers become indispensable sources of information, fully integrated into the healthcare system, and are less stigmatized as mere ambulance drivers. These professionals are typically dispersed in under-served inner cities and rural areas, and they work in homes and throughout communities. The result is more accessible, proactive care for the public.

The Role of Telemedicine in MIH/CP

Telemedicine is driving innovation in healthcare and represents one of the biggest shifts in healthcare delivery. Healthcare is changing, and EMS will have to meet new challenges. It’s vital that community paramedics are communicating the correct message to healthcare providers for ultimate patient care and low risk. With mobile telemedicine apps, like GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine Solution, community paramedics can share HIPAA-secure voice, text, photos, data, video clips and stream live using a smartphone or tablet directly to physicians specialists, hospitals anywhere at anytime. Telemedicine doesn’t look for problems, it fills in the gaps and aligns with a provider's goals to provide better patient care.

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