The projected $34B global telemedicine market (by 2020) is at a critical juncture in its evolution as both rising healthcare costs and an aging population continue to stress the already hemorrhaging pre-hospital and hospital care environments. Cost and medical error reduction, faster door to treatment times, and a higher level of patient care are ongoing drivers of aspirational improvement for every emergency medical facility. The right care, at the right place, at the right time is what will achieve the IHI’s Triple Aim. “Mobile” telemedicine is what is going to catapult this industry and propel these healthcare providers to realize these and other improvements. Mobile telemedicine is a win-win for all stakeholders.

Mobile telemedicine improves healthcare by arming EMS organizations, Mobile Integrated Healthcare/ Community Paramedicine services, nurses, physicians and hospitals with capabilities such as secure and reliable multi-media and live audio/video communications, medical specialist teleconsultations, electronic data transfer of patient vitals and diagnostic data, automatic medical team notification of patient ETA, arrival and workflow; remote management of radio and telephone calls, documentation of the entire case as it occurred in order to improve workflow, quality outcomes, and so much more.

At GD, we revolutionized pre-hospital communications back in 1990 and have been pioneering next level “Responsive Innovation” ever since. Our goal continues to be improving healthcare for patients and empowering EMS and medical teams to speed and enhance care, reduce costs, minimize risk and enhance workflows and improve patient outcomes.
We have partner relationships with key companies and organizations, including monitor-defibrillator manufacturers, communications equipment providers, FirstNet, smart device providers, universities, healthcare organizations, and more.  As one of our potential new customers, we aim to partner with you on this continued journey toward healthcare excellence.


Curt Bashford – CEO


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