e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine

With e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine, EMS and public safety can easily and reliably exchange HIPAA-secure voice communications, text, photos, data and recorded or live video from the field to physicians, hospitals or command centers.
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CAREpoint™ Workstation

Emergency Departments can easily and efficiently manage and consolidate all EMS to hospital communications and documentation for improved workflow and lowered costs.
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Electrode Impedance Meter (EIM) Prep-Check

Rely on GD’s Prep-Check to ensure clear and reliable ECG/EEG waveforms the first time.
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Tech Tip: Automatic Updates
Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date with Automatic Updates With Automatic Updates enabled, you can be sure your system is always running the “latest and greatest” version of CAREpoint Workstation software...
Northeast Georgia Medical Center Is First to Use CAREpoint Instant Recall
Using the CAREpoint Workstation with its new Instant Recall option, the MedComm Center at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, GA is able to significantly streamline their communications...
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