We know your Emergency Department is a very busy place and today’s healthcare environment demands doing more with less. There’s also a growing need to integrate pre-hospital EMS activities with your existing in-hospital infrastructure. You need a reliable and secure solution that’s cost effective and easy to use.

The CAREpointTM Workstation is all your Emergency Department needs to communicate, document, and manage all EMS and patient information on a HIPAA secure platform. Combined with the CAREpoint™ Workstation, e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine, allows your ED to extend communication to EMS professionals on their mobile devices while they’re at the scene.

CAREpoint Workstation with e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine, is the perfect, HIPAA secure combination, which will save more time, money and lives.

Together, these comprehensive GD solutions enable hospitals to:

  • Enhance workflows by identifying operational and communications inefficiencies
  • Minimize risk by automatically time-stamping, archiving and recording all communication and patient information
  • Reduce costs by minimizing false actions and data error through simple, yet rigorous, case management
  • Improve patient outcomes by minimizing door-to-treatment times and providing online medical direction and control to EMS in the field