Detect Sepsis Early, Treat It Rapidly

How quickly do you detect sepsis in inbound patients?

For every hour that sepsis treatment is delayed, mortality increases by as much as 8 percent. As many as 80 percent of sepsis deaths could be prevented with rapid diagnosis and treatment.

To save critical time, improve metrics and assure the best possible patient outcomes, your EMS, hospital emergency departments, and acute care teams need rapid identification of sepsis. 

Fast, secure mobile telehealth and team communications with data and live ETA enable life-saving preparation before the patient even arrives.  

Fully and efficiently prepare for sepsis care

Telesepsis programs are reported to cut mortality rates through better communication and more accurate data sharing. The highly configurable e-Bridge Sepsis Alert Module ensures that sepsis teams are prepared to give patients life-saving care. 

The Sepsis Module provides consistency among teams and protocols. With HIPAA secure messaging, live video telehealth, and one-touch alerts, it reduces bottlenecks and constraints. EMS receives live video medical direction to discuss proper protocols en route, leading to quicker and more efficient patient handoff. Coordinators can track time-stamped case data and documentation for reporting, EMS feedback, benchmarking, continued education, training and quality review for improvements. Your process, optimized your way.  

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  • Quick and easy pre-hospital sepsis screening to better prepare for incoming patients
  • Faster door-to-treatment times 
  • Cost savings on documentation, staffing hours and lab testing
  • Improved quality and assurance with event time-stamping and case data documentation
  • Standardization and easy communication of team goals in real time
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