Reduce Risk During Critical Care Transport with Mobile Telemedicine

Do you have fast telehealth access to specialists throughout high-risk transports?

To save crucial minutes, improve metrics and assure the best possible patient outcomes EMS, hospital emergency departments and critical care teams need timely consults for ease and accuracy of transfer care.

Fast, secure mobile telehealth and team communications with data and live ETA enables lifesaving preparation before the patient even arrives.  

Get support in responding to complex critical care transport needs

With the highly-configurable GD e-Bridge, CAREpoint and D-Scribe X, EMS and critical care teams have the capabilities to address intra-hospital, inter-hospital and EMS transfers quickly and efficiently.

During transport, specialists are available to provide live video medical direction. These all-in-one solutions allow EMS to share the patient’s vitals, monitor readings and equipment settings to improve outcomes. Everything is HIPAA-secure, time-stamped and recorded, complying with federal law (EMTALA). After transport, documents are stored and easily retrieved for audits and quality assurance.

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Proven success


  • Faster door-to-treatment times
  • Better preparedness for incoming patients 
  • Improved quality and assurance with case data documentation
  • Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off
  • Easy retrieval of case information with timestamping, recorded audio and video, and central storage
  • Risk and cost reductions through workflow streamlining, secure archiving of all communications and remote answering of EMS radios and calls
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