Unified 12-Lead Management, Faster Patient Intervention

Does your STEMI team get every 12-lead, with patient info and a real-time ETA?

To save critical time, reduce false activations, improve metrics and ensure the best possible patient outcomes, EMS, hospital emergency departments and acute care teams need rapid access to 12-leads and patient information.  

Fast, secure mobile telehealth and team communications with data and live ETA enable life-saving preparation before the patient even arrives.

Get instant access to 12-lead reports with GD’s proven solutions

Proper 12-lead management is imperative in reducing door-to-balloon times and false activations for STEMI patients. 

The highly-configurable, HIPAA-secure CAREpoint Workstation and e-Bridge mobile telemedicine solution make instantly and securely sharing 12-lead reports a reality. They allow EMS and hospital teams across facilities to electronically accept, store and share 12-leads from any monitor brand. To make reviews as streamlined as possible, 12-leads can be added to patient workflow cases with configurable events and automations.

Your patients are too important to wait. 



Proven success


  • Reduces false lab activations
  • Decreases time STEMI patients spend at the scene
  • Decreases time STEMI patients spend in the ED
  • Decreases time from arterial access to balloon
  • Decreases door-to-balloon time
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