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Improve Patient Handoff with Live Ambulance Mapping & ETA Tracking


You’ll know who is coming and the exact second they’ll arrive, so you can better prepare

What if your ED knew exactly when the next ambulance was pulling up and who was being treated? This would change everything, right? You could prepare for the patient’s arrival and get the right team in place. With GD’s new Ambulance Tracking & Real Time ETA solution, you can!

Nurses, doctors, and EMS coordinators will receive an automated alert of an incoming patient, including the precise arrival time (down to the second), patient information and vitals – the right to their mobile device.

What this means for your ED:

  • Timely preparation of incoming EMS patients, leading to better patient outcomes
  • Faster and smoother patient handoff
  • Less chaos
  • The right team and care available at the right time
  • Proactive management of incoming patients


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