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Telemedicine Today

Telemedicine Today
by Curt Bashford


“EMS Telemedicine has the promise of opening the door to many opportunities that will broaden the assessment, diagnostic and management capabilities of prehospital providers. Recruiting a distant physician specialist to enhance the medic’s ability to employ increasingly advanced diagnostic analyses – from complex electrocardiographic interpretation to parsing through difficult patient medical scenarios, can only result in a higher level of professionalism and improved patient care. I am looking forward to seeing EMS cross this new frontier.” Dr. Raymond Fowler


While Emergency Medical Services (EMS) appears to be the ideal setting for the use of telemedicine, for a variety of reasons, some valid and some not, the technology has been slow in gaining acceptance in EMS. What does the future hold for EMS Telemedicine, what might it mean to the future of EMS and how does one navigate the technical and operational issues associated with wireless EMS Telemedicine? This article attempts to bring the reader up to speed on the current state of development and offer some thoughts as to how to approach this technology.

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