Announcements“Telemedicine Today” – Complete EMS World article now online!

“Telemedicine Today” – Complete EMS World article now online!

“Telemedicine Today,”  a three-part article on the rapidly evolving field of EMS Telemedicine, is now available in its entirely on EMS World’s online publication.  Written by General Devices president Curt Bashford, the article offers a detailed and informative look at the possibilities and challenges of the next big step in EMS services.  If you have been thinking about EMS Telemedicine, “Telemedicine Today” is a “must-read.”  To learn what EMS Telemedicine might mean to your future, click on the links below:

Telemedicine Today
Click here to view “Telemedicine Today” article online at EMSWorld website
Click here to download a PDF version of “Telemedicine Today” article (Right click and “Save Target As”)