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Tri-Cities Region goes on-line with “Standardized” STEMI program

Northeast Tennessee’s Tri-Cities region, centered around Wellmont Healthcare’s Holston Valley (Kingsport TN), and Bristol Regional (Bristol TN) Medical Centers, went on-line in November with a STEMI program that is based on standardized 12-Lead equipment from General Devices and Philips Medical. The Hospital Systems’ foundation purchased Philips MRx monitors, and General Devices’ Rosetta-Lt data translators for all the area EMS services.  Additionally it installed General Devices’ CAREpoint EMS Workstations at the two hospital emergency departments.  This equipment combination allows 12-Lead ECG reports acquired in the field, to be transmitted over the regions existing 800MHz, VHF and UHF radio systems in a uniform manner.  Originally proposed for use by Sullivan County EMS, the region’s largest EMS provider, the capabilities were adopted and implemented region-wide by Wellmont.  Issues with cellular coverage and costs made other solutions unusable or impractical.  Next steps will allow the 12-Lead reports acquired in the field to “flow” through to in-hospital systems for data archive and retrieval, extending the reach beyond hospital walls.

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Telephone: 201-313-7075

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