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Telemedicine a Reality in Baton Rouge

On July 15, 2013 telemedicine became a reality in the Parish of East Baton Rouge, LA. The installation of e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine and e-Net Messenger systems from General Devices completes one of the region’s most ambitious projects: to equip all its hospitals, ambulances and EMT/ED staff with mobile telemedicine capabilities.

According to Chad Guillot, EMS Director for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine and e-Net Messenger have been installed on the Toughbooks for all the ambulances throughout the Parish. In addition, EMS supervisors have the same telemedicine and secure messaging capabilities on their iPads.

“This is the third phase of a project stemming back to 2009,” says General Devices President Curt Bashford. In Phase I, one hospital was equipped with a CAREpoint Workstation to handle day-to-day ER activities and one ambulance was equipped with the e-Bridge telemedicine system. In Phase II, the Emergency Departments of all area hospitals were equipped with our CAREpoint/e-Bridge Workstations. And now with e-Bridge and e-Net Messenger deployed in ambulances and hospitals throughout the Parish, telemedicine and secure messaging are a practical reality.

The system will be used to meet a wide range of prehospital care needs including STEMI programs, early stroke assessment, trauma and pediatric care, as well as many day-to-day EMS and disaster-related and community paramedicine applications.

EMS Director Guillot reiterates what he said at the start of the project. “The General Devices products will allow us to accomplish a new level of collaboration with all of our area hospitals and will strengthen the teamwork that exists between our paramedics and physicians. They will allow our paramedics to exchange video, pictures and data with physicians to enhance patient care. This is a very exciting time for our department.”

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