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Tech Tip: Automatic Updates

Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date with Automatic Updates

With Automatic Updates enabled, you can be sure your system is always running the “latest and greatest” version of CAREpoint Workstation software. With Automatic Updates enabled, your CAREpoint Workstation will periodically check our server for new software—twice a week or after any reboot. If a new update is found, it will automatically be downloaded and installed, and you will be prompted to reboot the system (at your convenience) for it to take effect. This is the best way to ensure your CAREpoint is always running the “latest and greatest” software.1 In addition, if the Automatic Updates feature is enabled, it will also tell you if your UltraCARE support contract/warranty is active or expired.2

Not sure if your CAREpoint is set up for Automatic Updates? Here’s how to check.

Simply enter the code #22688 (#ABOUT) on the CAREpoint’s touchscreen telephone keypad. Look for “Webupdate Enabled” in the lower left-hand corner of the About GD CAREpoint page that displays.

Enabled? You’re all set.

Not Enabled? It may be because you’re out of warranty/support and don’t want to see the warning message. Or it may be that your hospital’s IT department has the network connection to our update server blocked. If that’s the case, ask your IT department to review the installation information on the ports used by the CAREpoint Workstation .

Need more details? Review the CAREpoint Workstation Application Note on Automatic Updates .

1Automatic Updates generally include software fixes, performance improvements and new functionality. Compatible software versions and features available vary by CAREpoint model/generation.

2The UltraCARE support or warranty must be active in order to received software updates.

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