GD’s Communication Solutions will be at TraumaCon 2023

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – March 22, 2023: On March 29-21, 2023, General Devices will attend TraumaCon in Denver, CO to introduce the communication solutions that can support the life-saving work of healthcare teams. GD’...

Easy Technology for Hospitals Makes Communication Seamless
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Easy Hospital Technology Improves Patient Care, Communication and Revenue

Without easy hospital technology, patient care can become complicated due to miscommunication, missing details, and unnecessarily repeated tests. The process becomes even harder when the hospital is unprepared ...

Easy Technology for EMS
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Easy Technology for EMS Makes Communication Seamless

With so many ways to instantly communicate nowadays, no one expects to wait for information or to only get part of the story. There’s nowhere that should be truer than during an emergency.  Without the right te...


General Devices to Present Responsive Innovations at NAEMSP

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – January 19, 2023: January 25-27, General Devices will attend NAEMSP in Tampa, FL to introduce EMS to solutions that can support their life-saving work. GD’s Southeast Regional Sales Manager Dar...

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GD Solutions at the 2023 Texas ENA Meeting

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – January 9, 2023: On January 12-14, General Devices will attend the Texas ENA Meeting in El Paso, TX. GD’s South Central Regional Sales Manager, Denise North, will be on-site to help providers l...


GD Welcomes Nathan Windatt as Western Regional Manager

RIDGEFIELD, NJ, – December 5, 2022: General Devices is a Healthtech company specializing in communication solutions that help EMS and hospitals deliver simply seamless patient care. Today, GD announced th...


GD to attend Indiana EMS Association & Indiana ENA Emergency Educational Conference 2022

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – November 29, 2022: On December 1-2, General Devices will attend the Indiana EMS Association and Indiana ENA Emergency Educational Conference. GD’s Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Christine Laki...


GD to Present Communication Solutions at Texas EMS Conference

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – November 16, 2022: On November 20-21, 2022, General Devices will attend the Texas EMS Conference in Austin, TX to introduce EMS to solutions that can support their life-saving work. Furthermore...

Cardiac Care

GD to Attend Western New England Cardiac Care Symposium

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – October 24, 2022: On October 26, General Devices will attend the Western New England Cardiac Care Symposium in Springfield, MA to introduce providers to solutions that can support their life-sa...

EMS World 2022

GD to present Responsive Innovations at EMS World 2022

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – October 5, 2022: From October 10-14th, General Devices will attend EMS World Expo 2022 in Orlando, FL to introduce EMS first responders to responsive innovations that can support their life-sav...