Stroke Treatment Times

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Telehealth Solutions for Improving Acute Patient Outcomes in Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma Care

Learn more about reducing the time-to-treatment gap with GD’s telehealth solutions in our Improving Acute Patient Outcomes eBook Patients suffering from a sudden stroke, an ST-Elevation myocardial infa...

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How Ohio EMS Can Comply with Ohio Senate Bill 21, a New Stroke Protocol and Transport Bill using Telehealth

As an industry-standard best practice, a patient undergoing a stroke should be treated in less than 60 minutes. Time is of the essence, yet stroke patients are often transported to the closest hospital rather t...

Stroke Treatment Times
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Reducing Stroke Treatment Times: Making Every Second Count

Reducing Stroke Treatment Times: Making Every Second Count 5 ways your team can decrease your stroke treatment times According to the CDC, every 40 seconds, someone in the United States suffers from a stroke. ...