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Telehealth Success Stories from 2021

In our last blog, Lessons Learned from Telehealth in 2021, we discussed how telehealth and telemedicine drove innovation in EMS-Hospital communication, consultation, and collaboration between healthcare provide...

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Launching Oakland County EMS-Hospital Communications into the Future

Oakland County Medical Control Authority enhances pre-hospital communication by replacing their radio system with the e-Bridge mobile telehealth app, launching them into the future of telehealth. The qualit...

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Integrated Communication in Acute EMS Treatment: Telehealth for Pre-Hospital Acute Care

When a 911 call is placed for a medical emergency, the typical process involves dispatching EMS to the scene where initial EMS treatment takes place. Responders make their assessment, determine severity, and di...

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Reducing Steps, Changing Treatments: AI-Assisted Triage Brings Trauma Center Thinking to Stroke and STEMI Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies have rapidly penetrated the healthcare sector, exciting professionals with an overwhelming potential for improved patient care and outcomes. One area...

Bringing Stroke Treatment to the Patient
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Bringing Stroke Treatment to the Patient, Aeromedical Integration Brings Thrombolytic Therapy to the Field

In America, as many as 800,000 people suffer a stroke every year. Dealing with a stroke is always a traumatic and challenging event — for the patient, friends or family, and medical staff. Having to wait to get...