Curt Bashford Joins EMSWorld Podcast to Discuss Telehealth in EMS

Bashford and EMSWorld host Mike McCabe reveal why telehealth in EMS is key  RIDGEFIELD, NJ – March 10, 2022: Recently, GD CEO Curt Bashford joined the EMSWorld podcast as a guest host in an episode titl...

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What to Expect from Telehealth in 2022

In our recent blog posts, Lessons Learned from Telehealth in 2021 and Telehealth Success Stories from 2021, we looked back at how telehealth and telemedicine enhanced communication, consultation and collaborati...

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2021 Elevated Telehealth From a Nice to Have, to a Must Have

How telehealth was elevated in 2021 As the 2020 pandemic forced isolation measures and closed doctors offices, it created many new and challenging obstacles for healthcare that allowed telehealth to take the...

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Telehealth Success Stories from 2021

In our last blog, Lessons Learned from Telehealth in 2021, we discussed how telehealth and telemedicine drove innovation in EMS-Hospital communication, consultation, and collaboration between healthcare provide...

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Lessons Learned from Telehealth in 2021

What EMS, Hospitals and Mobile Integrated Healthcare Can Expect with Telehealth in 2022 through the lessons learned in 2021. Telehealth represents one of the biggest shifts in the healthcare industry. I...

Grayslake Fire EMS
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Saving Lives in Chicago: Grayslake Fire EMS uses e-Bridge Telemedicine to support seniors

Grayslake Fire EMS is one of five fire and EMS agencies in Lake County, Illinois, participating in a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services pilot program to improve the quality of care for seniors. How ar...

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eBook: ET3 Telehealth Implementation

The federal Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) unveiled their Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3) model program on Valentines Day, 2019. ET3 is a voluntar...