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General Devices Telemedicine Software is now GD

Ridgefield, NJ – General Devices, a company with a longstanding reputation for responsive innovation in EMS-hospital communications solutions, is now GD. GD is a medical technology company specializing in innovative telemedicine software and communications solutions, for hospitals, EMS & public safety.

“When our company was founded 35 years ago, we began with a focus on the design and development of a variety of medical devices – hence the name, General Devices,” says Curt Bashford, GD President/CEO. “During that period we quietly developed a lot of great technology, but technology and healthcare have evolved and so have we as a company. Our new name and branding reflects our evolution and expansion into new products, solutions, technology and markets.”

“One thing that has remained constant over the years, is our dedication to responding to customer needs with innovative solutions” Bashford continues. “GD’s core team is engineering centric, and engineers solve problems, it’s in our DNA.” That resolve and belief is embodied in our new trademark tagline ‘Responsive Innovation’. That is our ‘Why’, why we do what we do as a company.”

“What” GD does is enable customers to communicate securely and more effectively, and also provide better, cost effective, quality care for their patients. GD customers include emergency medical services, hospital emergency departments, and integrated healthcare delivery segments including the fast-growing mobile integrated healthcare & community paramedicine programs.

GD’s innovative spirit continues to push the envelope with nextgen solutions for wearable video devices and an eye to future public safety networks like FirstNet. “There is now real convergence of mobile technology, wireless broadband, and healthcare drivers enabling meaningful change. GD challenges the status-quo and our new brand identity is an expression of our company culture and where we are going. This will be reinforced in updated marketing and a new website that will be rolled out in the coming months.” adds Bashford.

About GD

GD, based in Ridgefield, NJ, is the nation’s leader in the design, development and manufacture of EMS-hospital communications management and mobile telemedicine software. Established in 1979, GD has a longstanding reputation for responsive innovation and customer service.

GD offers a range of products, including the CAREpoint™ Workstation used by emergency departments to manage all EMS-hospital communications on a single interoperable, easy-to-use device; and e-Bridge™ mobile telemedicine app, which enables the sharing of real-time, HIPAA-secure voice, text, photos, videos and streaming video from smartphones, tablets and PCs. Handling thousands of calls each day, GD solutions combine speed, simplicity and reliability to improve preparedness, enhance patient care, and enable users to share and document critical information among medical and public safety teams.

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