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General Devices Receives Approval from Motorola for Digital Radio

The ability to operate on digital radio now allows EMS and emergency medicine to send data over virtually any IP connection – digital radio, Wi-Fi, cell phones and internet.  On the cutting edge of the latest digital technologies, General Devices has successfully completed Motorola’s certification requirements allowing its RosettaTM-D family of 12-lead data translators & e-Net MessengerTM public safety instant messaging system to operate on Motorola’s most advanced digital Trunked Radio Systems.  This important certification means that EMS providers will be able to leverage their existing TRS for sending critical data to the hospital or other public safety agencies securely, without the need for costly cellular data service.

To meet Motorola’s stringent requirements for digital radio, GD and Motorola worked closely together to optimize communications protocols for the speed, reliability and security needed for sending critical medical information over the Motorola IV&D (Integrated Voice & Data) and High Performance Data (HPD) Digital Radio Networks, with and without Radio IP optimization.  Using compressed variable-packet-size streaming as well as in-place encryption, the transmission load is reduced 5-7 times while maintaining full transmission security.  General Devices’ unique transmission scheme, utilizing its e-Net Data AgentTM, maintains security even after the data leaves the radio network.  To provide maximum flexibility for different network configurations, the e-Net Data Agent can be deployed on either the client side or the server side, an important security feature for public safety communications systems.  The General Devices system also utilizes dual communication protocols (standard HTTPS & Asynchronous Socket Streaming) to provide compatibility with virtually all types of networks.  Easily deployed on both the client and server side, Rosetta and e-Net Messenger can also co-exist with other applications on the IV&D/HPD network.

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