GD e-Bridge Customer Testimonial
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Quality Care Coordination in Rural America with GD e-Bridge

EMS Director, Fire Chief & Emergency Management Coordinator on their experiences with GD e-Bridge GD e-Bridge is a telehealth solution that connects large healthcare teams, both rural and urban. This easy...

Telehealth Improvements
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Mobile Telemedicine Application Gains Innovative Upgrades and Features

Multiparty live video conferencing, configurable home button displays, and an SOS button enhance the life-saving mobile telehealth app, GD e-Bridge, for hospitals, EMS and Community Paramedicine teams. FOR IMME...

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An Update On the CMS Stance on Telehealth

A new informational packet was released, by CMS, on their stance regarding telehealth and reimbursements. What you can find inside this informational packet released by CMS:  + Originating Sites + Distant Site ...

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GD Partners with MD1 Program for COVID-19 Response

  GD Partners with MD1 Program for COVID-19 Response MD1 Physicians and EMS Connect to Manage COVID-19 Patient Care  with GD e-Bridge Telehealth Solution   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   RIDGEFIELD, NJ — April 16, 202...

Telehealth Newsletter
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New Mobile Telehealth from GD Protects COVID-19 First Responders & Healthcare Providers

New Mobile Telehealth from GD Protects COVID-19 First Responders & Healthcare Providers EMS and Physician providers can now perform direct-to-patient telehealth with GD e-Bridge Visit PRESS RELEASE GD (Gene...

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Telehealth in Schools- Strengthening the Bridge

The past few years have seen the rise of telehealth services in many different areas, and now it seems that telehealth is making improvements in yet another category- schools. Are we replacing the school nurse ...

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EMS to ED: Improving Communication Along the Way

“We exist to promote healing, prevent disease, educate medicine’s brightest minds, and bring wellness and prosperity to the region.” If you browse Southeast Alabama Medical Center’s webpage, you’ll see that sta...

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STEMI Notifications- Every Second Counts

Out of the 931,000 heart attacks throughout the United States each year, over 700,000 are classified as STEMI’s. A heart attack is always serious, but the STEMI, or ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, i...

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Trauma Treatment: Faster Times, Better Outcomes

Let’s talk about trauma. According to the National Trauma Institute, Trauma is defined as “a bodily wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, such as that from violence or an accident, including vehicl...

Zoom Partner
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GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine partners with Zoom Video

(October 27th, 2019) Ridgefield NJ – General Devices (GD) has announced the partnering integration of Zoom video as a leap forward in Responsive Innovation for healthcare at the 2019 ACEP (American College of E...