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FirstNet Webinar
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FirstNet Webinar Features GD (General Devices) CEO as Speaker

FirstNet Webinar Features GD (General Devices) CEO as Speaker Attendees of the Aug. 13 webinar can learn more about GD e-Bridge technology for life-saving remote patient consults FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   RIDGEFI...

FirstNet Listed GD e-Bridge
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Massachusetts leveraging FirstNet app GD e-Bridge to screen for COVID-19 and send alerts

FirstNet Announces Smartphones for Life for Public Safety FirstNet applications like the e-Bridge app are being used to help first responders and medical professionals respond to the coronavirus pandemic by pro...

FirstNet EMS
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GD e-Bridge™ Earns FirstNet Listed Designation

First Responders on FirstNet Can Now Access GD e-Bridge via the FirstNet App Catalog Ridgefield, New Jersey, May 1, 2019 – General Devices (GD) has announced that, after following a rigorous review process, GD...