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Medical Interpreters Instantly Available on the GD e-Bridge Telehealth App

Medical Interpreters Available on the GD e-Bridge Telehealth App GD Interpreter is now available on the GD e-Bridge Telehealth App for access to live-video medical interpreters during patient care.  FOR IMMEDIA...

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Telehealth in Schools- Strengthening the Bridge

The past few years have seen the rise of telehealth services in many different areas, and now it seems that telehealth is making improvements in yet another category- schools. Are we replacing the school nurse ...

MD1-GD Team
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MD1 and GD (General Devices) – Bringing the Physicians to the Emergency

MD1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing physicians to the emergency room.  Created and led by Dr. Mark Merlin, MD1 is a team of physicians that respond and practice at the scene, to extend the ca...

mD1 + gd
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MD1 and GD (General Devices) Announce Partnership at NJ EMS Conference

GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine technology will enable physicians to be at the site of emergency situations both physically and virtually 24/7 to save more lives.   November 14, Atlantic City, NJ: In a joint an...

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STEMI Notifications- Every Second Counts

Out of the 931,000 heart attacks throughout the United States each year, over 700,000 are classified as STEMI’s. A heart attack is always serious, but the STEMI, or ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, i...

Baystate Case Study
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Medical Center Improves STEMI Outcomes by Harnessing New Telehealth App

Background Like most Emergency Departments (ED) in the country, Baystate Medical Center (a leading hospital in West Massachusetts) is often inundated with critically ill and severely injured patients. In additi...

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Becoming a Team with Teleconferencing

We are big fans of the phrase “the future is now,” and one of the greatest examples of that phrase is the rise of video teleconferencing. A versatile, cooperative telehealth tool, video conferencing enables pat...

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Trauma Treatment: Faster Times, Better Outcomes

Let’s talk about trauma. According to the National Trauma Institute, Trauma is defined as “a bodily wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, such as that from violence or an accident, including vehicl...

Zoom Partner
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GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine partners with Zoom Video

(October 27th, 2019) Ridgefield NJ – General Devices (GD) has announced the partnering integration of Zoom video as a leap forward in Responsive Innovation for healthcare at the 2019 ACEP (American College of E...

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Mental Health and Telemedicine- One Patient’s Success Story

Roughly 43.8 million Americans experience mental illness. It is the third most common cause for hospitalization for people ages 18-44; it is the second most common cause of death for people ages 10-34; and it i...