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Every second counts. 

With stroke patients, every second counts with stroke to reduce death and disability. Streamlined Stroke Care must be available 24/7, whether it’s an ischemic or a hemorrhagic stroke, as patients risk losing 2 million brain cells per minute. Shave time off your stroke program with the GD e-Bridge Stroke mobile telemedicine module.


A Configurable Workflow for all Delivery Models.

With timely intervention in mind from first medical contact, GD e-Bridge Stroke Module has all the features, metrics, and configurability needed to better prepare for efficient around-the-clock Stroke Care coverage, regardless of location.

Value Found with a Stroke Telemedicine Workflow

  • 28–46% improvement in door-to-needle therapy, causing clot-dissolving drugs administered 19 minutes sooner with increased remote tPA usage by 25%
  • 50%+ decrease in patient transfer from a primary to a comprehensive stroke center, resulting in decreased costs, ER availability, and time savings.
  • Improved Q/A with time stamped case management, early awareness of complications, team communication, training, and documentation.

Don't let  fixed protocols restrict you.

Enable your stroke teams work the way they need to. 

It all starts by taking the first step!

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