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Every second counts. 

With stroke patients, every second counts with stroke to reduce death and disability. Streamlined Stroke Care must be available 24/7, whether it’s an ischemic or a hemorrhagic stroke, as patients risk losing 2 million brain cells per minute. Shave time off your stroke program with the GD e-Bridge Stroke mobile telemedicine module.


A Configurable Workflow for all Delivery Models.

With timely intervention in mind from first medical contact, GD e-Bridge Stroke Module has all the features, metrics, and configurability needed to better prepare for efficient around-the-clock Stroke Care coverage, regardless of location.

Value Found with a Stroke Telemedicine Workflow

  • 28–46% improvement in door-to-needle therapy, causing clot-dissolving drugs administered 19 minutes sooner with increased remote tPA usage by 25%
  • 50%+ decrease in patient transfer from a primary to a comprehensive stroke center, resulting in decreased costs, ER availability, and time savings.
  • Improved Q/A with time stamped case management, early awareness of complications, team communication, training, and documentation.

Don't let  fixed protocols restrict you.

Enable your stroke teams work the way they need to.