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Mobile Integrated Healthcare / Community Paramedicine

Enhance MIH-CP with GD’s e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine.

Across the nation, many EMS agencies now offer mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedic (MIH-CP) services. In MIH-CP, EMS partners with hospitals, physician groups, Medicaid managed care organizations, hospice and home health agencies to leverage EMS’s 24/7, mobile workforce of paramedics and EMT’s to take better care of patients and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending.

MIH-CP services may include in home visits to provide health education, post-discharge follow-up or assistance with managing chronic conditions. The results: fewer emergency department visits, avoidance of unnecessary hospital readmissions, and more satisfied patients.

The live streaming ability of GD’s e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine is designed to increase the comfort level of physicians and medical directors with your MIH-CP service. e-Bridge™ connects remote medical professionals to in-home patients through a fully encrypted, HIPAA-secure connection. Mobile telemedicine also empower patients to stay connected to hospitals and call centers even following discharge.

Call centers will also realize significant value from mobile telemedicine. We are already seeing post discharge care today via teleconsulting nurses and specialists. These call centers can be quite effective and timely for home-based patients, especially for more minor emergency injuries which can be self-treated.

MIH-CP services who respond with e-Bridge™ say their overall patient satisfaction increased. Now, their non-emergent patients don’t have to wait in an ER to see a doctor, the physician or medical director is just an e-Bridge™ call away. This offers valuable savings of time and money for both patient and the healthcare system.

e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine

e-BridgeTM integrates the assessment and management capabilities of prehospital providers with in-hospital providers.