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The GD CAREpoint Workstation and GD e-Bridge arm medical teams and EMS with powerful "forms" capabilities to enhance data sharing, team notification, efficiency and data security. As a result, acute care workflows and processes become more consistent and standardized, leading to increased efficiency, lower costs, increased data accuracy and overall better patient outcomes.

Our Forms solutions enable users to:

Capture, share and securely store critical patient, treatment and diagnostic data while in the field or in the hospital - all via a mobile device. With digitized data, a patient's electronic health record can be electronically shared with the full medical team and any specialists that are needed. Instead of that critical intake information sitting in a hand-written form at the nurse's desk, you can have that data instantly accessible to those that need it. In the case of a STEMI patient, think of how much more informed a Cardiologist would be if he/she had the full patient record on their mobile device before the patient came into the lab. Having access to this important patient information prior to treatment adds to the precision of care the individual receives.


  • FormsPRO - automatically convert hand-written forms into secure and shareable digital forms
  • Forms Manager – Create and print an electronic patient care record prior to patient arrival, for review, reprint, data mining, and trending reports.

All GD forms are fully customizable so you can capture the data that is most important to you.

Key Features of GD's Forms Products:

  • Share with CQI
  • Upload to EMR & EPCR
  • Maintain accurate stats on traumas, strokes and STEMIs
  • Document OLMC
  • Eliminate redundancy of typing in hand-written notes
  • Better adhere to HIPAA

hospital forms

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hospital forms

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