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firstnet ready mobile telemedicine 10 reasons you need FirstNet

GD’s FirstNet ready mobile telemedicine solution (GD e-Bridge) will soon be the de facto standard for every EMS organization in the U.S.what is firstnetWhat is FirstNet?

FirstNet: According to, "FirstNet is the first high-speed nationwide wireless (LTE) broadband network for public safety. It provides first responders with their own ‘fast lane’ on the public safety network to communicate and share information during emergencies, large events, or other situations when commercial networks could become congested. EMS professionals using the FirstNet network will be able to share applications, access to databases, and provide better patient care through improved communications."

how does firstnet helpHow is FirstNet Helping EMS?

Together, The FirstNet dedicated public safety broadband network and mobile telemedicine are revolutionizing EMS as we know it by bringing the power of high-speed data transmission, communication, and coordination to paramedics and hospitals.

FirstNet ReadyFirstNet Ready and GD

GD arms EMS organizations with the mobile telemedicine tools necessary to take full advantage of the new FirstNet network. Our FirstNet Ready GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine application empowers EMS and medical teams to enhance workflows, document, record and analyze the interactions and patient data to minimize risk, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

All of GD's solutions fulfill FirstNet’s promise of enabling first responders to “reliably share videos, text messages, photos and other information during incidents in near real-time.” GD also enables doctors to stream live teleconsultations to paramedics as well as automatically time-stamp and record all documentation and communication for later recall.

GD and FirstNetGD and FirstNet Pioneering Activities

• Live From Garland Telemedicine Presentation (MESH WiFi) - 2005
• First US city-wide commercial EMS Telemedicine System (MESH WiFi) - 2006
• Member Joint Advisory Committee on Communications Report to Congress - 2007
• Active Member NPSTC EMS Working Group (supporting FirstNet) – 2013-Present
• Participated in TX Demonstration to FirstNet Board (Harris Co) - 2013
• Used on JerseyNet (FirstNet Pilot) for Philadelphia Pope visit – 2015
• Purchased by FirstNet for test/use in the App Lab - 2017

FirstNet ResourcesRESOURCES

GD is FirstNet Ready and happy to consult with you. Please contact us if you would like to have a conversation. 201.313.7075

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