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If you’ve ever had to deal with fuzzy or poor quality bio-potential waveforms, then you know how difficult and frustrating this process can be. EIM-105 Prep-Check, a handheld, 3-lead, electrode impedance meter, is the leading choice for researchers, cardiac centers, sleep centers, physicians, and monitor and electrode manufacturers, around the world. Use Prep-Check before an ECG/EEG to ensure electrodes, lead wires and cables have a proper connection. Studies show that proper electrode site preparation can reduce baseline wander, 60 Hz interference and movement artifact that compromise ECG/EEG reports costing time and money. With Prep-Check, better EEG & ECG readings the first time results in higher quality studies and reports at less cost.


  • Tests lead wires, electrodes and site prep
  • Models for ECG (10Hz) and EEG (30Hz)
  • Little to no training required – good/poor indicators are simple and straightforward
  • Electrode impedance readout large and easy to read
  • Industry standard safety-DIN connections
  • Impedance range: 100 to 199,999 ohms
  • Impedance Accuracy: +/- 3% of Reading, +/- 200 ohms
  • Uses standard 9V battery and auto-off feature ensures long battery life

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