Patient Workflow Management

Patient Workflow Management

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The e-Bridge mobile telemedicine application provides comprehensive patient workflow management from the first contact through every stage of ED care – from patient transit to handoff to specialty physician assignment to testing, scanning, and treatment. This highly intuitive and very easy to use application enables EMS and hospital staff to manage the complete patient lifecycle from a mobile device, including sharing patient information, photos, live streaming, online medical control, team notifications, and more. All documentation, communication, and notification are time-stamped and stored for instant recall and replay. e-Bridge Workflow is designed to streamline acute care case management, introduce team efficiencies and promote better patient outcomes. This mobile solution can serve as a standalone application or integrate seamlessly with GD’s CAREpoint EMS workstation.

Workflow that includes a Data Arsenal:

  • Vitals
  • Patient Information
  • EKG/ECG 12-Lead
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Clips & Live Streaming
  • Pictures

  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Text – Single & Group
  • Custom Forms
  • Open & Delivery Confirmation
  • Location / ETA Tracking
  • Case Workflow

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With GD’s audio, video and data recording capability, both emergency departments and EMS organizations can continue to improve their processes and workflows by replaying and analyzing past interactions to identify quality improvement opportunities.

Quality improvement should be continuous. Patient workflow management makes sense.  The best way to improve your EMS-ED operations is through periodic CQI reviews of past cases. GD helps you accomplish this.