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Acute Care WorkFlow

Make an easier management of the hospital care through your mobile devices and PC.

Intelligently Track & Streamline

The GD e-Bridge™ WorkFLOW mobile telemedicine application provides comprehensive acute care workflow management from first medical contact through every stage of the hospital care. This highly configurable and very easy-to-use mobile device and PC application enable EMS and hospital staff to truly manage the complete acute care workflow process. GD e-Bridge™ WorkFLOW is designed to; streamline case management by improving the team communications, identify constraints and bottlenecks, facilitate quality improvement and instill consistent processes in order to exceed benchmarks, promote better patient outcomes, mitigate risk and reduce costs.


Who Benefits from GD Solutions and How?


Workflow Improvements

Live Collaboration: Real-time, live case management in addition to chat and video conference consults. All assigned team members are informed instantly.

Running case clock: This clock starts the moment the case is initiated (whether by EMS or the hospital) and runs continuously until treatment ends, tagging every event along the way.

Real-time, anywhere access to patient information: Securely share items such as patient demographics, vitals, photos of the scene, patient evaluation videos, room assignments, etc. via a mobile device or PC to best understand treatment given and to administer additional care.

Data Arsenal

Simultaneous case management: Nurses and doctors can manage multiple cases at once by switching between active and closed cases to treat patients simultaneously, increasing efficiency and minimizing staffing costs.

EMS involvement from beginning to end: EMS continues to be part of the patient's case even after the handoff. This is vital in case questions arise for the on-scene team as well for the on-scene team to improve by understanding the outcomes of their efforts.

Communication between caregivers: Medical professionals and EMS can see everyone that is included on a case and communicate via GD e-Bridge with any or all of those team members. This allows caregivers to fully collaborate in real-time on an active case.

Case reporting: STEMI, stroke, trauma, sepsis and burn coordinators can report on first-contact-to-treatment times all from one location. Currently, these times have to be gathered from multiple locations such as paper forms, ePCRs, EMRs, 911 Dispatch, etc. The result is improved compliance and reduced risk.

Case recall and review: Full cases with all associated documentation and communication are stored and able to be recalled and reviewed to identify workflow breakdowns and train new staff on best practices.

Proactive Acute Care

GD e-Bridge™ WorkFLOW empowers medical teams with proactive care capabilities, enabling them to:

Streamline Care: Make workflow and process improvements to accelerate treatment and improve outcomes.

Anticipate Care: ED staff and specialty physicians can review real-time patient data, vitals and EKG’s in advance of patient arrival to better prepare the treatment and maximize use of transport time.

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Initiate Care: Proactively initiate lab activations and other treatment protocols via automated smart triggers, which are activated upon specific actions or data entry.

Visualize Care l Guide Care l Coordinate Care l Accelerate Care• Live stream doctors and/or specialty physicians right into the ambulance to direct additional care.
• Live-track and prepare for multiple incoming patients simultaneously with real-time, electronic workflow management.
• Speed patient handoffs and door-to-needle time by giving ED staff immediate, advanced access to EMS-generated data prior to arrival.
• Equipment, beds, and physicians can be readied in advance.


Workflow features


Why GD?

  • GD e-Bridge™ is the most complete all-in-one, highly configurable, easy to use workflow management solution for pre-hospital and hospital care
  • GD innovated the medical communications and mobile telemedicine solution in the 1990s and has been pioneering for smarter patient care ever since.
  • No other acute care workflow management solution includes all this and more:

GD’s solutions benefit over 500 hospitals and EMS organizations across the USA positively impacting the lives of over 15,000 patients daily.

WorkFLOW for EMS, Hospital and MIH/CP

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