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All the mobile telemedicine tools you need in a single box

Ready for Mobile Telemedicine?

Everything you need for EMS-to-Hospital Communication, Notification and Documentation in a Single Box

Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare as it promises lower costs, reduced medical error and higher levels of patient care. "Mobile" telemedicine, however, is what is going to catapult this industry even further. Mobile telemedicine arms EMS organizations and hospitals with the capabilities needed to optimize pre-hospital communications and care across the board.

With GD’s GoBOX, you will have all the mobile telemedicine tools you need in a single box.

Enabling you with:
*Secure and reliable remote audio and video communications
*Medical specialist teleconsultations to paramedics in the field
*Secure, electronic data transfer of patient vitals and diagnostic data
*Automatic medical team notification of patient arrival
*Remote answering of incoming radio and telephone EMS calls
*Recreation and replay of an entire case as it occurred

Mobile Telemedicine backpack

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