AnnouncementsmHealth Topics Dominate 2012 American Telemedicine Association Conference

mHealth Topics Dominate 2012 American Telemedicine Association Conference

Curt Bashford to Chair Committee on mHealth Needs of EMS Providers


The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) recently held its 17th Annual International Meeting & Exposition in San Jose, CA. Curt Bashford, President of General Devices, represented the company at this prestigious event.

The world’s largest telemedicine, telehealth and mHealth event, this year’s conference showcased over 450 peer-reviewed educational presentations and 250 exhibitors.

According to Bashford, “A noticeable theme at this year’s ATA was the topic of mHealth (mobile health). As a pioneer in mobile telemedicine, General Devices is proud to be part of that discussion.”

Bashford is an active member of the ATA mHealth Special Interest Group (SIG) and has started a sub-group to tackle mHealth issues as they relate to Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He explains, “Traditional telemedicine addresses hospitals, outreach facilities and remote nursing visits in a ‘wired’ environment, and mHealth tends to focuses on doctor-to-doctor, doctor-to-patient, or basic patient wellness applications.”

He points out, “As healthcare providers, EMS are often not included in telemedicine plans, yet they are some of its earliest users. EMS has always provided care at a distance, and stands to benefit from the enhanced capabilities telemedicine offers in this evolving healthcare landscape.” Bashford acknowledges that telemedicine in the ‘wireless’ prehospital setting demands special requirements to succeed, adding, “Mobile telemedicine is not simply telemedicine on wheels.” So, with its proven history of EMS Telemedicine innovation, General Devices is uniquely positioned at this intersection of technology and patient care.

By way of explanation, Bashford points to General Devices’ pioneering e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine system, coupled with its new messaging application, e-Net Messenger.

e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine is a fully-integrated systems approach to telemedicine. Designed specifically for EMS, e-Bridge addresses the complete set of EMS’ needs–communications, documentation & information management.

For basic store & forward telemedicine, day-to-day, or disaster coordination, General Devices’ unique and secure messaging system, e-Net Messenger, is a versatile, a low cost solution. Using any standard PC, laptop or mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone/tablet, you can send or receive voice, text, data, photos or multimedia messages. e-Net Messenger combines the ease-of-use, security, and functionality required by EMS, Hospitals and Public Safety for everything from quick pre-arrival notifications to group situational broadcasts.